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My impressions from Grand Hotel Varna 5 *, St. Konstantin and Elena, Bulgaria

   After revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, and prices for holidays in Turkey grew, it became obvious that the people of Central and Northern European countries need an adequate alternative. In other words, you need a vacation in a country with a developed tourist infrastructure, a certain minimum of attractions and affordable prices. I'm talking about Bulgaria, which are so fond of resting in Eastern Europe, Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. However, I was in Bulgaria with my family three times, going back in fourth and I can say that the best place for family with children you can find.

5 Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

1. To get started you will need to show all your ingenuity and skill of the driver to find parking in the downtown area. If to all of the parking lot will be free, consider yourself Good and the sponsor of tomorrow. The fact that Genoa is built on the coastal hills, and so in this city is very difficult to find space for a car. Whom neither in the case so stick to the historical center - its narrow streets is difficult to park even a moped. Personally, I recommend looking for a place on the wide streets adjacent to Via 20 Settembre.

Quiet Places Ibiza, Spain

Do you think that Ibiza holidays it is only all about clubbing. This Balearic Island is wonderful: quiet, miles of unspoilt countryside, wonderful seafood, lots of cycle ways and bikes for hire. Now Ibiza Spain have been working in order to promote more family-oriented tourism. Ibiza is for everyone.If you would like to have a quiet holiday in Ibiza you must to avoid Ibiza Town. You know, In Ibiza you’ll find beautiful white washed villages, each with their own ancient church. In the East coast of the island there is quiet place Portinax, Es cana. I advice cala Nova beach to the main beach, it's about a 5 minute walk from the Miami hotel Ibiza through the trees past the Cala Nova hotel.