How to get to Lubeck, Germany

    For centuries, Lübeck was the capital of the Hanseatic League (a hybrid of NATO and the World Trade Organization, founded in the XIV century), during the Second World War it wasn't bombed and today it can rightly be called one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. Lubeck isn’t so well known as Amsterdam, but for me and many of my friends Lubeck will remain one of the most beautiful cities we've seen.

How to get from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Sentraal, City Center, the Netherlands

    If some nice travel agent sells you a tour to Amsterdam and at the same time trying to tear you from 100-150 euros for transfer to the airport, you can safely swear this company in your twitter. Get from the airport to the Сity Сenter is very easy, worth the trip very cheap and you do not necessarily enrich the travel agencies and taxi drivers, Amsterdam.

How to get from Vienna Airport to the Vienna City Center, Austria

   Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and landed at the airport, you'll certainly would like to see the house of Mozart, St. Stephen's Cathedral and the famous Vienna Opera quickly. Well, no problem: Vienna Airport or Wien Flughafen is made in such a way that you can choose one of three modes of public transport and spend a little time for jorney.

How to get from Manhattan, New York City to the Statue of Liberty, USA

    You can’t get to the Statue of Liberty by car or by low-cost airlines. It is located on the island and to get it, you must to take Statue of Liberty ferry, departing from Battery Park. Statue of Liberty tickets are available at Castle Clinton. This historic fortification was the first official immigrant reception station operated by New York. Castle Clinton is situated at the end of Battery Park, near the water.

How to get from Monte-Carlo, Monaco to San-Remo, Italy

   If you are in Monte-Carlo and want to see Italy, you have to rent a car. For a day trip from Monaco visit the San Remo the beautiful city of on the Italian riviera is famous for its aristocratic villas (the city regularly visited by Alfred Nobel and the wife of Russian Tsar Nicholas II), a festival of Italian music, fashion shows and an excellent climate, which attracts tourists like a magnet.

How to get from Berlin to Hannover, Germany

    Why go to Hannover? Hanover or Hannover in German is home Deutsche Messe Hannover the largest exhibition complex in the world. Thus, if you're working in IT, energy, or, for example, design, early or later you will need to go to the capital of Saxony. Why from Berlin to Hanover? It’s easier to find a direct cheap flights to Berlin, while in front of major trade shows to find a ticket to Hanover, even with the changes is very difficult.

How to get from Nice to Menton, France

    Menton France is the most Italian from French resorts. Menton is situated just one mile from the Italian border. Menton is one of the most inexpensive resort on the French Riviera. It seems a very lovely place for cheap family vacations on French Riviera. There are the really favorable prices of apartment renting in Menton France. There are good choice of cheap hotels in Menton and youth hostel in Menton. Menton people all have a very loving look and they were also appearing to be very friendly; just that they were not so good in English. Cote dAzur shopping in Menton is accessible. Getting around Menton for Menton day trip is not a problem at all. There are some medieval village around Menton. Good idea for village day trip from Menton is Sainte Agnes, or maybe Sospel. You can reach in an hour a very charming village La Brigue which is further up the Roya/Bevera valleys. Menton is very close to Monaco and Ventimiglia.