Christmas Across Europe

Belgium Christmas Markets

Christmas is a special time of year in Belgium and the Belgian Christmas markets are a key ingredient in the festive magic. Christmas Markets in Belgium are very popular for their cheerful lights, waffles, fries, beer & chocolate. The markets of Belgium offer wonderful crafts and gifts and are a perfect place to enjoy a very Belgian Christmas experience. Brussels is served by Eurostar with London, Paris which makes for a quick and painless journey and provides a great opportunity for a winter weekend break.


Austria Christmas Markets

In Austria Christmas Market trips can be found in every major city and town. "Christkindlmärkte" starts at the end of November and lasts till Christmas Day and has a very special meaning in Austria. Austria is a fascinating country to visit at any time of the year. But the scent of fresh backing along with hot spicy wine "Glühwein", cinnamon and apple make Christmas Market Austria an amazing place for Austria holiday gift shopping. Christmas markets are a long-standing and typically Austrian tradition. European Christmas Markets are as popular in Austria as they are in Germany. Like their German Christmas market Christmas markets Austria sell gingerbread hearts, local handicrafts from wooden toys and tree decorations to local produce. Enjoy Glühwein and Punsch. There are a few varieties to choose from as well as a non alcoholic version. If you choose the non alcoholic version (Kinder Punsch aka Child’s Punsch). The Kinderpunsch is delicious and you can sip from the cups warming yourselves up. It’s a lovely introduction to your night in Austria. Christmas markets in Austria has all sorts of food from the omnipresent roasted chestnuts, marzipan shaped like potatoes, smoked sausages and some absolutely divine smoked fish.

French Christmas Markets

If you're planning to spend Christmas in France, be sure to visit Christmas markets in France. A country of exquiste tastes, France is home to magical french Christmas markets where the best delicacies mingle with refined arts and crafts. France is known for its wonderful markets, but one of the best times of year to visit is during the Christmas season whether you’re looking for a unique France Christmas shopping experience or a relaxing France Christmas traditions. The season leading up to Christmas is a light filled, France festive time that can provide ideal for a romantic vacation or an holiday season with the kids. Christmas markets in France have their origins in the northern Alsace region, which has belonged to Germany. French Christmas markets take place all over France from the end of November and on through Christmas Eve. Here is a guide to the best French Christmas markets.

Christmas Markets Germany

 There are so many wonderful things to see and to do in Germany at Christmas. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees began in Germany in the 16th century. German Christmas market is a great way to get into the Germany Christmas spirit. For Germans Christmas is a family holiday with an abundance of decorations and gifts hitting the cities buildings are lit up, shop windows are decorated with German Christmas displays , and even german office walls are adorned with pictures of snowy landscapes. The merry spirit of Christmas market in Germany is further enhanced by the fried almonds (Gebrannte Mandeln), Maronen (roasted chestnuts) and grilled sausages aromas. German Christmas markets date back to the 14th century. Nowadays almost every town in Germany has a Germany Christmas market and many vie to be unique. Some German markets last only a few days, but many begin in late November and close down right after Germany Christmas Eve on December 24th. You can visit them from 10 or 11 a.m. until 9 or 10 p.m. at night. While you're visiting, you might enjoy some great German Christmas market foods, such as hot fruit punch, "Stollen" traditional German Christmas bread with dried fruits, nuts, spices, and sugar icing, "Glühwein" hot spiced wine, hot chocolate, "Lebkuchen" gingerbread biscuits, sauteed mushrooms with sauces, baked potatoes (loaded), and more. Special items to look for include: glass ornaments, wooden ornaments, wooden toys, and German Christmas Pyramids.
Here is an overview of the best Christmas Markets in Germany.