Beijing International Airport: how to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3, China

For Americans, Canadians or Europeans, transition from one airport terminal to another - the same easy and familiar thing as a morning walk with beloved dog. Even if we need the connection at large airports like Heathrow (London) or Charles de Gaulle (Paris), we just need time to pass passport control and customs and the time to come to the shuttle bus stop. There you will pick up the bus and promptly deliver to the target terminal. Don’t worry about the luggage - the employees of the airport will carry about it. Seems to be simple and understandable, but in China's capital, this scheme doesn’t work and the traveler should know about it.

Imagine that you are flying from London, Berlin to Taiwan, Japan or Australia with connection in Beijing. If you arrive in Terminal 2, and depart from Terminal 3, be prepared for the unexpected adventures and try not to waste precious time.

First, you have to get from Terminal 2 to the street, and thus to cross the border. This procedure involves filling out forms and standing in line for half an hour - working with the Chinese mainland slowly, their English is very poor and indeed they are not focused on results but on the process.

After having received the stamp, indicating the legal border crossing of China, you have to get your luggage. Even if in Europe luggage have registered to final destination point, you will see your сase on the conveyor. The reason is simple: to Terminal 3 at least 15 minutes to fast drive and no one will haul your luggage so far.

Once you have received the luggage and went out of Terminal 2, look for the signs to stop a free shuttle bus going to the terminal 3 and get into it. Like I said, the road will take about 15 minutes.

Arriving in a huge terminal 3, which was built to the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008, you sign up again for the flight, hand over luggage, get boarding passes and go through personal inspection. By many gate can be reached by monorail train and the journey takes about 10 minutes (including waiting at the station). Also, you should know that the distance from the terminus the train to a gate in Terminal 3 can be large enough to pass it quickly, and adult man for this walk 10-15 minutes.