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How to get from Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan City Center, Italy

   There are several ways getting from Milano Malpensa airport to the city center. The most simple and low cost Milan airport transfer is a train, that runs every 30 minutes hour and called the Malpensa Express. In this case, the journey will be very cheap and last about 40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the box office either in the machine at the exit of the airport. In the train we recommend you immediately take your seat on the second floor: in this case will be much more convenient to enjoy the views of Northern Italy. True, a part of a road paved through the tunnels, but it's unlikely to spoil your impressions of the trip.

Airline Baggage Rules

Sometimes we travel by plane. Sometimes we are traveling by plane with babies and toddlers. However, passengers occasionally find themselves with problems related to their airline luggage.

Ladies often leave manicure scissors, sharp nail files or oversize bottles of perfume in their hand bags, while men try to do with a small carryall which contains a can of shaving foam or a penknife. They always forget about baggage restrictions. These personal items are generally confiscated at security checkpoints -something that can dampen any mood. Thankfully, these situ­ations are all easily avoidable. To avoid such unpleasant "surprises" on future trips we sug­gest taking a few extra moments to consider baggage rules for airlines, starting with items that are not allowed on board in your hand luggage. 

Spa at Frankfurt International Airport, Germany

In the past, airport layovers left travelers with little to do but watch TV and read newspapers or go to the airport bar and have a cocktail, beer or cup of Starbucks finest. Alcohol and caffeine are both dehydrating.
Now airport spas are becoming more common, whether accessible to the general public or part of a first-class lounge. Frankfurt International Airport offers energizing spa treatments for hands and feet while waiting for your flight. You can keep you rejuvenated after your long flight with certified massage therapists. After your treatment, enjoy a meal at the nearby airport restaurant. In addition to offering some of the normal spa treatments, Frankfurt International Airport spas offer some modified spa treatments. There are some airport spas in Frankfurt International airport because people tend to have longer layovers.

Total Relaxation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands

You are travelling abroad through a large Schiphol international airport and your next flight is in a couple of hours from now. Turn that routine waiting into fun and relaxation. There is no better place to relax during a journey than in a spa. Both men and women appreciate about airport spas is that no prior appointments are needed and that it makes good use of their time. An additional advantage of these spas is that they work long hours, sometimes non-stop, so that they are available to all travellers regardless of their schedules.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, USA

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK international airport located in the southeastern section of Queens County, New York City, on Jamaica Bay. It is 12 miles(19 km) by highway from midtown Manhattan. It’s the top international air passenger gateway to the US. JFK intl airport is the base of operations for JetBlue Airways and is also a major international gateway hub for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Nearly 90 airlines from over 50 countries operate regularly scheduled flights from JFK.

How to get from New York to JFK and from JFK to NY.

The air traveler has a variety of travel options to get to JFK Airport, including the New York Subway, taxi, limo, express bus, Airtrain, and even a scheduled helicopter service. Here you find some information about jfk airport transportation.