How to get Stockholm, Sweden from Arlanda airport

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, fascinate from the first minute. The city is built on 14 islands, which are connected by 57 bridges. The city is surrounded by water all over the place, filled with parks and attractions. In Stockholm, more than 70 museums, the most visited National Museum of Sweden. Stockholm's Old Town is the well-kept old center in northern Europe. The narrowest street in Stockholm in width of 92 cm.

How to Get From Paris to Versailles

Trip from Paris to Versailles

According to the legend, when Louis XIV was five years old, he is walking through the picturesque Tuileries Gardens, looked into a puddle. It reflects the sun. - I am the sun! I am the sun! - Boy shouted joyfully. Since then, it was called - "Sun King". Even in his youth monarch dreamed of something big, immaculate, such that would amaze the whole of Europe - better Louvre, Vincennes and Fontainebleau together. 50 years - needed to Louis XIV for the realization of this ambitious plan. Later, his successor added this place Small Trianon, and executed by guillotine of Louis XVI - the park and the village with a dairy farm.

What to do in The Oge House, San Antonio, USA

The Oge House is located on a part of the Riverwalk that the tourists rarely see, in the historic King William area. The house itself is impressive and is very stylishly decorated in the main areas.

Great place to stay, there are a lot of great restaurants, ambiance is uncomparable with porches in front and back and beautiful grounds. Megan, the innkeeper, is a wonderful asset as both cook (breakfast is included) and knowledge of surrouding area and ongoing events. 

Family Ski Resort in Werfenweng, Austria

Werfenweng resort is the ideal family destination with untouched nature. A stone's throw from the highway right under the beautiful Werfenweng Tennengebirge is, a family ski resort hotels have almost all children discounts, the lift pass is cheaper as family, the schools cater to children and the whole area is small and manageable. That here the evening much to do, it will not surprise anyone. The Werfenwengers call their ski area boasting a ski circus, because there is a sort of mini-round skiing is. From Wengerau Zaglau and perform lifts up to seven around the tree line were close to ski lifts.
The meals usually spot on - as much as you wanted, great choice and quality and lunch if you wanted it. Drinks you should serve by yourself, beer, wine and soft drinks, lots of children but not really a problem as they can go to bed a little bit early sometimes. Not many English-speaking people, so the beer and wine is free is good news really ! The ski area is small but it's a good base if you have a car to travel to others.

Monte Carlo with kids

If you're travelling with kids in Monaco you can find a lot of fun in Monte Carlo. Parks, attractions, museums will never let your kids to be bored.

First nice place you can visit is Monte Carlo National Museum consists of a collection of dolls and automats manufactured in Paris in the 19th century.

Not in Monte Carlo but in the northern neighborhood of Monaco-Ville, at the Palais du Prince or Prince’s Palace the visitor will experience the intimate history of Grimaldi’s family, one of Europe's oldest royal dinasties.

In the Exotic Gardens, visitors can enjoy a natural but fantastic environment made only of exotic plants.

Grotte de l'Observatoire offers attractions in the tropical garden include a grotto, which goes around 60 m deep into the rock, where various fossils may be seen.

Amsterdam for kids

Things to do with kids in Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're travelling with children, you can find a lot of interesting and really exciting places to visit in Amsterdam. I hope to share with you the lesser known, but charmingly child-friendly face of Amsterdam. 

  A short walk from Central Station, past the cluster of quirky house boats, looms science center Nemo. A perfect place to spend a day with kids if you're looking for a activities for older children. You can stay at Nemo for 8 hours and even more, all day long easily, this place is like Wonderland. So many interactive things to try, so many amazing ideas and such creativity. The shop there has amazing toys, games etc for all budgets and luggage spaces.

After you can go to Maritime Museum, it's located in 5 minutes from Nemo. Your kids will be excited to see replica of a 1749 Dutch ship (cargo ship of the Dutch East India Company) is docked near museum, where kids climb aboard to play pirate. 

Jamaica vacations

Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean Sea. The island attracts its picturesque and diverse landscapes. Tourists come here from all over the world, attracted by golden beaches, numerous festivals, exotic cuisine, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and mysterious forests. Most of the rivers are ideal for rafting.

Many people associate the island with the coffee, world famous Rum and reggae music. In this country music sounds everywhere. Relaxing rhythms of reggae help the tourists to distract from the rapid urban life and to forget about your problems.

Visiting Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

If you want to visit Sun Moon Lake, we recommend to book a tour, transportation and English speaking guide in Taipei. Travel advise: the road to Sun Moon Lake by car takes about 3.5 hours, and while on the road, you probably want to visit several places of interest - for example, the ancient port city Dukan. The roads in Taiwan are very good - is immediately evident that local government spent enough money for road infrastructure.

Beijing International Airport: how to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3, China

For Americans, Canadians or Europeans, transition from one airport terminal to another - the same easy and familiar thing as a morning walk with beloved dog. Even if we need the connection at large airports like Heathrow (London) or Charles de Gaulle (Paris), we just need time to pass passport control and customs and the time to come to the shuttle bus stop. There you will pick up the bus and promptly deliver to the target terminal. Don’t worry about the luggage - the employees of the airport will carry about it. Seems to be simple and understandable, but in China's capital, this scheme doesn’t work and the traveler should know about it.

Sardinia Vacations, Italy

Sardinia or Sardegna - the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. This is a unique and original land full of contrasts: the endless horizons, the ridge of rough rocks, hills of granite, basalt and limestone mountains covered with dense thickets of wild, expanse of wetlands, over which fly the pink flamingos, fragrance of flowers, mastic trees and other forest plants .